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Why Women Love Hair Extensions

by Brittany Mangum 25 Mar 2021

5 Tips You Will Agree With!

No matter what your background is, some good hair extensions will be one of the best investments you make.

There are plenty of women that love hair extensions, and there are plenty of reasons why. When I first started wearing hair extensions, I was exposed to the greatness of them. At first, I didn’t realize how many benefits they had for my hair.

When I would protect my natural hair using extensions, I noticed that my hair grew much faster, was healthier and overall better than before. After years of wearing extensions, I’ve realized that there are many advantages to buying and using extensions.

If you’re contemplating making the change over to extensions, let me give you five reasons to consider trying them out. It’s okay to be on the fence about buying hair extensions, especially since there’s so much information out there about how they have the potential to damage your hair.

However, despite that information, there are plenty of ways that you can protect your hair and enjoy the luxurious look that hair extensions provide. It’s all about how you install the extensions, take care of them, and take them out after wearing them.

Let’s get into the best reasons why women love hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Photo

1. Protect Your Natural Hair

Sometimes, it’s important to give your natural hair a break. Women love hair extensions because they help them protect and grow their hair. Natural hair isn’t always equipped to endure everyday wear and tear. Extensions help with that! Most women also feel that extensions help them grow their hair quicker. Your hair is more likely to grow when you take care of it underneath. Make sure your hair always clean, moisturized and healthy. You won’t regret it!

2. Try a New Style Before Committing

Women love hair extensions because extensions allow us to try out a hairstyle before fully committing to it. Whenever I want to try out new hairstyles such as a curly hairstyle, I use extensions. The great thing is that there are all kinds of hair extensions available, so you don’t need to worry about only rocking one type of style. My favorite type of style to try is kinky straight hair.

3. Get Thicker or Longer Hair

Extensions instantly provide longer and thicker hair for those looking to enhance their look without heavily manipulating their hair. Whenever I need to get a full look in a short amount of time, I put some extensions in. If I need something quick, I use clip-ins or wigs!

Long Blonde Hair

4. Manage Hair Conditions

Hair conditions can affect the way we wear and view our hair. One of my closest friends has a condition that affects her ability to grow her hair out evenly. At first, she was insecure about it, but after experimenting with a few wigs, and different hair extensions, she is far more confident.

5. Heat Damage

A lot of women want to wear bone straight hair without damaging their hair. You can easily avoid heat damage by utilizing hair extensions. If you wear wigs, closures or any extension style that covers all of your hair, you’ll never have to use a straightener or heat product on your real hair! Whenever I want to give my hair a break from the heat, I wear hair extensions.

You’ll Love Hair Extensions Too

Hair extensions have many benefits.

The five listed benefits are just the beginning of the list. When people wear extensions properly, take care of them and take them down gently, there’s little potential for the extensions to damage your hair. Of course, it’s important to research which extension type suits you best, and see which style you love most before making a decision.

Overall, you won’t know why different women love hair extensions so much until you try them out yourself!

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