Cortex Curling Wand

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Digsad specifically with our clients in mind for amazing
priermance Curl, wave or flip your hair quickly and easily 
We you want Be bold enough to create any style you vat h
tell curls 1o everyday waves, Fahrenheil gives you the opportunity 
To experience it all.Say goodbye to frizzy,dry hair and
wow, shiny, silky hair you've always wanted
•lindi Graduated tourmaline -infused ceramic bor
* high Performance - Coramic heater for inalor! best e
ond law heat up for ultra smooth surface for kazlise se
*Egmonie Gnp - Sleek, emonomie design with comeP
sergied for optimum control and comfort
*rac.hechnology--Negalive lons always pro
shoother hair
"La inhured technology - Delivers consistenl
while reducing stalic
+ 360 paivel cord - Prevants tangling for whin
" Unded Wilehme Warranty
*Dal Vologe: 110-240V, 50/60H2
perature 450° F (230° C)
ME 4SW(USA) / 25W|Canada)